BEAT 'EM AT THEIR OWN GAME Bob Simms' Beat 'em at Their Own Game blackjack book and blackjack instruction video will give you a definate edge at the blackjack tables!
Beat 'Em At Their Own Game - Book & Video

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Have More Fun and Win More Money Playing
Have more fun and win more money playing Blackjack with Bob Simms' blackjack strategy book and blackjack instruction video!

Bob Simms, Author of Beat 'em at Their Own Game blackjack strategy book and blackjack instructional videoNot another "dull-as-dirt" gambling book or black-jack video, "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" is easy to understand. The book is a great read and the video fun to watch. What's more important, the information inside REALLY WORKS!


Each book and video comes with two laminated Blackjack Strategy Cards to help you study or you can keep one in your pocket (or lay it in front of you - most casinos actually allow this) at the table for those difficult split/double decisions that confuse most people. (What do you do on a soft 18 against a dealer 9?)


After reading "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" or watching the video you'll learn the strategy Bob uses to beat the casinos 80% of the time when sitting at the table he choses based on the knowledge acquired in the video above.


If you have any questions, or would like to contact Bob, please direct your emails to:


Thank you and have fun beating them at their own game ;)



Mr. Simms is a personal friend of mine and I have personally used his strategy to not only cut my losses but to actually WIN!

Bob is a retired teamster who, for the last three decades, has been an avid participant and  consultant in many varied aspects of the gaming industry.

Mr. Simms is recognized by casino operators and managers as one of the nation's leading authorities on the gaming industry in general, and the game of blackjack in particular. He is often called upon to give private blackjack seminars to dignitaries, entertainers and celebrities alike.

Several years ago, Bob sold one of his companies, Casino Entertainment, Inc., so he can devote more time to the game. Casino Entertainment provides casino-quality gaming equipment to various charities and corporations throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Ohio. Casino Entertainment is fully licensed & staffed to transport equipment including tables, wheels, slot machines etc. They can set up; host; provide dealers, floor supervisors & pit bosses; and can even train your own dealers. In short, they "do it all".

Dennis Weaver


Read what others have to say about the Beat 'Em At Their Own Game blackjack strategy book and the blackjack instructional video, both by Bob Simms...


I recently had the chance to read your book, "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," and I wanted to tell you that it is most logical explanation of how to come close to evening the playing field at blackjack that I have ever seen. And you show us how to do it with comparable ease.

Many years ago, while many of the clubs were still using one deck for blackjack I attempted to learn to count cards. I could have mastered it I suppose, but I soon realized that counting cards and the intense concentration involved was not why I was in the casino in the first place, I was there to have fun! And I cast aside the idea. When all the clubs went to the multiple deck shoe, I knew I had made the correct decision.

I have been prosperous in most things I have done in my life, manufacturing, marketing and real estate. But I cannot say that my frequent visits to Nevada and New Jersey were on my lists of financial successes.

But now armed with the invaluable information contained in your book, I feel comfortable I will add blackjack to that list. At least I will give them a much stronger run for the money!

Robert W. Herdman - Inventor of the Instant Replay

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