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Bob Simms - Author of Beat 'em at Their Own Game Blackjack Strategy Book and Beat 'Em At Their Own Game Blackjack Strategy VideoABOUT US

The author, John R. Simms (Bob), is a retired teamster who, for the past three decades, has been an avid participant and consultant in many varied aspects of the gaming industry.

Mr. Simms is recognized by casino operators and managers as one of the nation's leading authorities on the gaming industry in general, and the game of blackjack in particular. On more than one occasion, Bob has been called on to give private blackjack seminars to entertainers and celebrities.

Bob recently sold his company; Casino Entertainment, Inc.; which provides casino-quality gaming equipment to various charities and corporations throughout Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Ohio. But knowing Bob, as we do, nobody expects him to be content with "retirement" for long. Without the day to day management duties involved with running Casino Entertainment, he will now be able to devote more time to his consulting and seminar business.



The Beat 'em at Their Own Game Blackjack Strategy book and Video can give you an edge at the tables.



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My uncle taught me to play blackjack and I played the way he taught me for years. Unfortunately, my uncle didn't know what he was doing, and he passed that ignorance on to me. Now I know better. Now I've read "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" and I realize that I have more than a fighting chance at the blackjack tables.

Most people who play blackjack at casinos and river boats think they know what they're doing... but they don't. That's how casinos make their money, off of poor slobs who think they have knowledge that really isn't there. That's why Bob Simms book is important -not only does it discuss how to play, how to bet, how to manage your money - but it also puts to rest a lot of the myths that surround the game. That's important, because 99% of the stuff you'll hear from alleged "experts" at the blackjack tables is pure bunk.
Bob's book isn't bunk. It's the real deal, and after you've read it and played by using the principals in the book, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Chuck Slider - Construction Supervisor


There was a guy at the table the last time I played in Las Vegas and he had a heck of a run. Won maybe 10, 11 hands in a row. But every time he won, he made the same bet -I think he was playing $10 a hand. That means he won $100. Not bad.

But if he'd been playing the way Bob Simms taught me to play in "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," then he would have won over $640 over the same 10 hands. That's even better.

Bob's "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" is easy to understand and doesn't involve complicated card counting or anything like that. It involves common sense and playing by the 550 basic plays that a good blackjack player needs to come to know. It teaches how to increase your bets when you are on a streak.

I've made money playing blackjack since I read "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," and I used to be happy with just breaking even. This book knows what it's talking about.

Carol Sue Pearl - Housewife


Beat 'Em At Their Own Game Blackjack Strategy Video and Blackjack Strategy Book

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