BEAT 'EM AT THEIR OWN GAME You'll know 'Why Blackjack?' when you read Bob Simms' Beat 'em at Their Own Game blackjack strategy book and view the blackjack instruction video!
Beat 'Em At Their Own Game - Book & Video

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Robert W. Herdman - Inventor of the Instant Replay

I recently had the chance to read your book, "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," and I wanted to tell you that it is most logical explanation of how to come close to evening the playing field at blackjack that I have ever seen. And you show us how to do it with comparable ease.

Many years ago, while many of the clubs were still using one deck for blackjack I attempted to learn to count cards. I could have mastered it I suppose, but I soon realized that counting cards and the intense concentration involved was not why I was in the casino in the first place, I was there to have fun! And I cast aside the idea. When all the clubs went to the multiple deck shoe, I knew I had made the correct decision.

I have been prosperous in most things I have done in my life, manufacturing, marketing and real estate. But I cannot say that my frequent visits to Nevada and New Jersey were on my lists of financial successes.

But now armed with the invaluable information contained in your book, I feel comfortable I will add blackjack to that list. At least I will give them a much stronger run for the money!

Dale Romans - Thoroughbred Horse Trainer

I've been in and around the gaming industry for most of my life. Though my main business involves the Thoroughbred racing industry, I've experienced the fun of the casinos and the river boat casinos that dot this part of the country. Bob Simms' book is the best thing that ever happened to casino blackjack players. But the really good thing about it is that you don't have to be a regular, even semi-regular player to use it and learn from it.

This book is easy to read and can be understood by any player on any level. The most important thing is this: it works.

Most people who sit down at the blackjack tables don't have a chance from the moment they enter the casino. They're dead meat. Bob Simms' book gives them more than a chance -it gives them a real, honest possibility of winning. It does what every blackjack player needs to do - minimizes losses and maximizes gains.

And it's fun to read. You can take the book with you on the plane and by the time you get to Las Vegas or wherever, you're armed with knowledge that will give you a good shot to "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game."

Hal Vonsick - Fireplace Technology

My friend Bob Simms always seemed to win more money then anybody else whenever we went on gaming junkets together. Finally, I started watching him play and realized that he knew something-actually knew quite a bit more- than any of the rest of us. We talked about it one night after he'd raked in the chips and I'd watched the dealer collect most of mine. That's when I learned that he was putting all his knowledge in a book, which I read as soon as it was available.

The book was easy to understand. The book was fun to read. But most important to me, the book really, really worked. The knowledge in Bob's book isn't complicated, but then playing blackjack isn't like brain surgery. You do need to know what you're doing, however. And you need to know what the casinos are doing, too. Bob's book tells you all of that. He let's you know what to expect at the tables in addition to letting you know how to play the game.

A key for me were his chapters on money management. That's what makes "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" different from other blackjack books. It helps you minimize losses and maximize winnings. It tells you how much money you'll need to play; when to get up; when to take your "comps" and enjoy yourself. It's made a big difference in my play at the tables, and a big difference in my bank account

David Self - Cosmed, Inc.

Before I read "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," I would never, ever double my bet when the dealer had a face card showing. Then I read Bob Simms' "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" and I realized that, before, I wasn't playing to win, I was playing not to lose as quickly. In other words, before reading this little gem of a blackjack book, I didn't know what I was doing. I suppose I was simply subsidizing the casino industry, like 99% of all the players are doing.

This book changed that. It gave me the knowledge I need to have a fighting chance at the tables. It doesn't mean I'm going to win each and every time I play, but it does tell me when to get up and find another table or wait for another day. It taught me how to manage my money and my bets, and it taught me that I can get the same kind of attention, the same kind of comps, as player who spent a lot more money than I ever will.  (more)





David Self - Cosmed, Inc. (continued)

"Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" also taught me that there are lots of myths surrounding the game that I always thought were true, but aren't. There are myths about blackjack that have been passed down for generations that have no basis in fact. And this book deals only in fact.

I know that much _ "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" has made my time at the tables a lot more enjoyable.

Chuck Slider - Construction Supervisor

My uncle taught me to play blackjack and I played the way he taught me for years. Unfortunately, my uncle didn't know what he was doing, and he passed that ignorance on to me. Now I know better. Now I've read "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" and I realize that I have more than a fighting chance at the blackjack tables.

Most people who play blackjack at casinos and river boats think they know what they're doing... but they don't. That's how casinos make their money, off of poor slobs who think they have knowledge that really isn't there. That's why Bob Simms book is important -not only does it discuss how to play, how to bet, how to manage your money - but it also puts to rest a lot of the myths that surround the game. That's important, because 99% of the stuff you'll hear from alleged "experts" at the blackjack tables is pure bunk.
Bob's book isn't bunk. It's the real deal, and after you've read it and played by using the principals in the book, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Carol Sue Pearl - Housewife

There was a guy at the table the last time I played in Las Vegas and he had a heck of a run. Won maybe 10, 11 hands in a row. But every time he won, he made the same bet -I think he was playing $10 a hand. That means he won $100. Not bad.

But if he'd been playing the way Bob Simms taught me to play in "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," then he would have won over $640 over the same 10 hands. That's even better.

Bob's "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" is easy to understand and doesn't involve complicated card counting or anything like that. It involves common sense and playing by the 550 basic plays that a good blackjack player needs to come to know. It teaches how to increase your bets when you are on a streak.

I've made money playing blackjack since I read "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game," and I used to be happy with just breaking even. This book knows what it's talking about.

Jerry Passafiume - Sales Rep.

I learned to play blackjack with Bob Simms on a trip to the Bahamas a couple of years ago. It had always fascinated me that, on these junkets we'd be on together from time to time, Bob always did a lot better than anybody else. I couldn't figure out why - until I watched him play. Other people would win a few and lose a few and soon be staring at a dwindling supply of chips. Bob, on the other hand, would keep pulling them back to his side of the table, his stacks getting larger than everybody else's.

So I asked him to teach me to play. And when it comes to pure enjoyment - as well as making money at the tables- that's the best request I ever made.

Bob knows what he's talking about, and he's put his decades of experience and all that knowledge into his book. "Beat 'Em At Their Own Game" might not change your life, but it will make your time in casinos a lot more entertaining, enjoyable and profitable. Bob's book is written for everybody to understand. You don't have to be a big time player to apply the lessons of the book, and you don't have to be a mathematical genius, either.

Just read it! You'll enjoy it. You'll understand it. And if you play blackjack, you'll put it to good use.


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